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Samsung Dex

If you have a Samsung Galaxy cell phone S8 and up, Note 8 and above, you may want to find out what Samsung Dex can do. Dex is a software builtin with the above models. It will basically let you run the cell phone app on a big screen, such as a portable monitor, TV or PC and Mac. With certain addition hardware, you can almost do away without a computer.

1) Use Dex with PC. You need to connect the phone with the PC using the regular data cable. Install Dex for Windows or Mac. Use the computer keyboard and mouse and you can view your pictures, video, stream your favorite contexts, chat ....

2) Use Dex with TV and portable monitor. You need an USB type C hub so you can connect to the hdmi portable of the TV or Monitor. Addition USB ports for keyboard and mouse and a power brick to supply power to the phone.

3) Use Dex wirelessly connect to your TV. Your phone must be upgraded to One UI 2.5 in order to do that. I believe that would leave S8 out. Samsung TV would connect easily. I am not sure about other TV's. But if you have a Roku, the phone will connect. On the cell phone, select the option of using the phone as touch pad, then you can control the mouse pointer and keyboard input using the phone.

Just another thing you can have fun with during this virus lock down!