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Latest Windows 10 update issues

This one is for June V.1809 and later maybe.june-2020-updates-cause-forced reboots/ 

Really read article , my oldest laptop is Lenovo Win7 upgrade to Win10 when it came out, my version of 10 on that one is version 1909 
OS Build is 18363.900

64-bit OS Home and haven’t updated yet today - work.


My whiz bang self built I9 16 Gb Ram laptop with 2 Tb and Win10 Pro is busy at moment and an hour away, we’ll be Re-United soon.


If concerned about update, follow suggestions in link and/or turn off updates by pausing.


Right click on window icon or start button, left click on settings(gear icon), and click on Windows Update&Security. You can pause updates there.


Give it a couple of days for a fix to be applied. Then reapply updates, after good news is heard.


I absolutely hate recovering my own data and unable to check on my own update path for a few days, booked solid. Same version as CatOw, build number is roll off dice.


I miss the good Old days when everyone had same version and build number 😎.



And yes, after long days/nights, I'd still like to swing these hunks of glass , plastic and silicon against the nearest wall Come on retirement!
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