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Ads along side Canfield

I have followed all instructions to "opt out" of ads appearing beside Canfield - one in particular of a poor woman in pain with aortic stenosis.  I'm so tired of having to see her each time I start a new game but "opting out" isn't working (there are always 7% of companies involved that won't go away).  I am supposedly getting this ad because of double-clicking.  I did that once a long time ago only because a friend has the condition and I wondered what it was.  Now I'm being told I see it because of the interest I showed.  I AM NOT INTERESTED!!  It's actually so annoying I've decided not to play any of the games carrying this pathetic pained woman along with it.  In fact, the ads are becoming too numerous and makes one wonder why paying members of AARP are subjected to them.

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Just add AdBlocker Plus to your browser. It is free, it is simple to add(even I did it and I am computer challenged), and it gets rid of all the ads AARP blasts you with on their games platform.

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