Mom get into bed help sometimes get dressed , i do their laundry, which is no big I feel terrible if I got paid to care for them, but I guess I need help $ I shop for them too. and Dad can shower himself but I get things ready for him. My Mom washes herself daily but wont go in the shower unless my Sister goes in with her. I am here 24 hours There are so many things I do all day for them. Get the paper , the mail at different times and feed their dog and bath her. walk the dog and I have my Dad walk with me if its not hot for to excercise and I walk my Mom daily outside and inside . I am a certifide CPR/AED/FIRST=AID AND WAS certified through NationalCPRFoundation  - RED CROSS . Am I eligable to get paid to care for my Parents. I do so much for them and I feel its their time I give back but it be nice to have an income I am not working I lost work and so I want to care for them. I do sometimes partime work on the street. They have a Duplex they live on one side and rent the other side. I also help with the tenant side with many things chores  they use to do . They have Kaiser Insurance . My Dad is a Vertain, I am collecting Food Assistance I started last month and want to get off of it. WHERE DO I GO TO SIGN UP FOR TO CARE FOR MY PARENTS AND GET PAID , PLEASE! 

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Hi KevinA:  You may also wish to check out the article You Can Get Paid As A Family Caregiver.

It has resources and step-by-step information that you may find helpful.  Wishing you all the best!  Amanda

Amanda Singleton
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Hello there,

Do not feel bad for getting paid to care for your loved one. We all do it anyway and end up in financial ruins later! So getting paid for this, helps us to help them.

First place to start depends on what state you live in. Here in Florida, the Senior Rescource Alliance is the place to start. Find your states equivalent to that. Your loved one will have to qualify for what is called a Medicaid Waiver. So, once you find your states equivalent to a senior resource allience, you call them and tell them you are looking for a " Home and community based medicaid waiver for a long term care program" for your loved one. They will walk you through the process from this point! 

I get paid full time wages to care for my 86 year old mom and it is wonderful to have the honor to do this. I love being with her and getting paid for it! 

Hope this helps,

Linda McAlister

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