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Volunteer Caregiver Training, Vetting & Records


Volunteer Caregiver Training, Vetting & Records

Preparing and vetting volunteers is important, but it seems overly complicated & time consuming. Imagine if AARP provided resources & infrastructure: Online self-paced and virtual training Listings for in-person training classes Background checks Records for TB test, Vaccines, etc. Protect personal data; share only with permission. Volunteer experiences/assignments/history. Strengths, weaknesses, classes, certifications… Barriers for potential volunteers: Training exists but generally isn’t free. If I volunteer at aone Sr Center, then help elsewhere, must I start over? For example, if someone is good at simple visits but can’t handle challenging seniors, Let them know and help connect them with needs that are a fit. Potential funding: Donations, grants Sliding fees for Centers that want to tap a vetted pool of volunteers with records. If someone is already providing this, who? And why are they hiding? What’s your “no, because” list? What’s your “yes, if” response? What related items should be considered?
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