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It''s natural to be focused on medical care and comfort as you assist a loved one towards the final stages of life. However, don't over look discussions about the loved one's past and present life. When my dad was in hospice I didn't take the time to talk about the important things. Where did he meet my mom? What he knew about the family tree? His time in the army? Why he became a home builder? Why did he move to Pennsylvania? What he would like his services to look like? Where are his legal papers? 


Also take this time to access the living will. Is everything in order in case you have to make medical decisions? Do you have the original will for probate? Where does he do all of his banking? Are there safety deposit boxes and if so where is the key? Where is the title to the car and deed to the house?


When the end comes you want to have the time to grieve. You don't want to have to take that time looking for documents for the probate or wishing that you had information about your family. Pull out the pictures. Go through them. find out about your history while there is still time. 

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