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Social security benefits

Good Afternoon Catherine, 

I am angry, frustrated and desperate! Can you please help/advise?...My mom was at a horrible nursing home so during the Pandemic I decided to take her home. The nursing home fought me,intimidated me & refused to give us her allowance $!...then in November/December I found out her Medicare benefits had ceased! I called them and they said I had call the Social Security office. I did, but they refused to give me any info since I didn't have Guardianship, then in January the agency that provided the Home Aide, said they couldn't provide an aide because her Medicaid was closed! So I got her Guardianship, called Social security office again in March/April & they said someone had reported my mom as deceased!! They said that they would reactivate her account in May and I thought everything would be copasetic! Imagine my surprise when I  took her to the doctor & was told her benefits were still inactive! I  went to the Medicaid office 2x last week & this week, each time they had an issue, but they did inform me that when they reactivated her account it was under retirement and she originally had SSI! I am not knowledgeable in this area,I am mentally & physically exhausted! My mom has Alzheimer's so I  have to deal w/ her combative ways & need help, since I  need to get back to work!(my daughter/sister help, but we need a 3rd party to relieve us.I feel like a chicken w/o it's head! Please help! I've contacted dept. Of aging, politicians, Telemundo on your side, and have not received any assistance or positive feedback.

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