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Re: Moved in with Mom... Help!

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Welcome to the Caregiving Community!  You may want to download this helpful guide we offer for free -


There are lots of resources as well as others here like you to talk about specifics and sometimes just vent!


I also am a caregiver to my 84 yr old mom who is in an inlaw suite on my house.  Be sure to take care of yourself too!



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Re: Moved in with Mom

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More info... I am now in the process of getting our legal arrangements in order. So far, my cousins are not stepping in for their mom, and my Mom is 80, so do not want her to end up primary care giver, which will fall to me and far as I know, I have no legal standing as such. Any advice or experience is welcomed. More to come...

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Moved in with Mom... Help!

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Hi, I am 57 and just moved in with my Mom, who's 80 and my aunt, who's 78. My aunt just fell so it's getting interesting now. Stay tuned!

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