Motion detectors for caregiving

I need to be sure that I wake up whenever my husband, who has dementia, gets up to go to the bathroom.  Lately, he has been returning to bed without his incontinence undergarment, so I need to be able to check every time - but sometimes I sleep through.  I have an Echo Dot with Alexa on my bedside table, so would like a simple motion detector to place in the bathroom, that would coordinate with Alexa, so she would give me a verbal alert whenever he gets up.  I have shopped Amazon, but am having trouble understanding all the technology, and what is the best product to purchase.

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I have a Google Nest that I set up at night for motion sensor and installed wireless cameras outside, on all corners of the house, in the event someone decides to go for a walk. 

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@et98459918 There are many things that could work for you and it is hard to go through all products and understand the technology. There are bed sensor pads that detect when someone gets up. They usually have an audio alarm that comes with it and some may connect to phone or even Alexa. And, as you mentioned the motion sensor in the bathroom. 


I don't have Alexa, but I did do some reading that you might check out. I read that there is a way to set up Alexa and Echo Dot to do motion sensing. That is without buying something else. Probably depends on things, but thought it might be worth checking out.


Search for How to create a motion-triggered routine on a fourth-gen Echo or Echo Dot


That should bring up articles on doing that. Might be more trouble than it is worth, but it could possibly work for you too. Good luck.


Here's a simple idea use a Harbor Freight Driveway alert. or Amazon.  no alexa though.

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