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I am single and 71 years old, i live alone and

Can I get a care giver since i live alone and no one to help me
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Hi Pierce. Have you checked with your agency on aging? They may be able to find a volunteer or otherwise help you get resources. Go to this link and plug in your zip code to find that agency Also you can always call United Way to see if they can help you find services or a caregiver or volunteer Dial 211
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How will you pay them and find them are the questions.


If you meet income requirements, can prove you have some areas you no longer are able to care for yourself, some states will assist in finding and paying.  The first area to get proof you need help is to get medical providers to document it. Such as you have severe arthritis and cannot stand long enough to vacuum your house.  


If you can pay cash you can self employ that person without needing to prove need.


There are many options out there but how you do it depends on your needs and who  or what organization will pay for it.  There are also volunteer groups or sites that will assist for free with yard work etc.  


Don't worry you can find someone regardless of income it depends on what you need and why. The only thing you need is time to make phone calls and ask around. If you can afford it or your insurance will cover it you can hire someone to do this work for you.  I think one such person is a Medical Social Worker. They match you with the type of assistance you need and do all the work. Some are state workers, some work for insurance companies etc. Some have private businesses.



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