I am new here

I am located in Sugar Land, Tx and assisting a friend care for their mother who has dementia. The mother is in the later middle stages from what I have read. She needs assistance with dressing, eating and bathroom needs. Every day can be different but mother always gets angry when we get to the restroom and we have a standoff to get her to sit on the toliet so I can change her clothes and clean her and then a standoff to get up from the toliet. I have to be patient and wait until she is ready, but wondering if anyone else haw experienced this and if there are any tips to make the restroom visit more pleasent? 

Thank you in advance for your feed back.

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It has been frustrating getting mom age 97 to the toilet.  she had had numerous uti problems.


I found it best to toilet right after getting out of bed and changing undergarments, even if there is no need to change.  repeating this process has made mom less resistant to toileting, at least in the morning.


I sign hum talk during the process.  don't know how much she hears but it seems to "calm" her.  


mom finally said she hates the toileting process it hurts her knees.  severe arthritis interfers with many daily activities.  have you tried a raised toilet seat?   




Hi Sophie,


Thank you for your feedback, we are new at this and all assistance is appreciated. We will try the raised toliet and hope for the best. She will talk to us in English and Spanish but is not making any sense, but continue talking to her in hopes that something is understood.


Thank you again,




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