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How can I find local support and respite services? Ask our expert your questions.

AARP Caregiving Expert Series:  Week 4:  How can I find local support and respite services? May 27 - June 2, 2019


Welcome to week four of our four week Caregiving Expert Series here in the AARP Online Community, Caregiving Forum.  Our AARP Expert, Amy Goyer, is here to help with questions you have as a Caregiver.


This week’s topic is How can I find local support and respite services?


According to many caregivers, building a local support system is a key way to get help. Your support system might include a caregiver support group, family, friends, and faith groups.  Ask our expert best ways to find local help.

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I am new to care giving topic. How do I ask Amy a caregiver question?
How do I find a caregiver dementia support group in the Alexandria area?
AARP Expert

@smiley5  Hi! Support groups can be so helpful for emotional support and for education about community resources and services. There are several ways to find a dementia support group:


  • Go to 
    • Click on "Alzheimer's Programs and Events".
      • Click on "Alzheimer's Support Groups" and put in your zip code.
      • For you - in Alexandria, VA, there are many support groups listed there - pages of them. (I have a home in Alexandria too! I put in my zip code and there are about 7 pages of support groups listed! Isn't it fantastic there are so many options?!) For Alexandria, VA, it looks like all of Goodwin House support groups are listed separately every time there are meetings. I believe you can go to those support groups even if your loved one doesn't live at Goodwin House but you can call and ask. But check out the other pages too so you can see where other support groups are offered. 
    • Another good option is to contact your local area agency on aging, county council on aging, or city aging services department. In Alexandria, VA, you can contact the Alexandria Aging and Adult Services caregiver support and you can also check out their home page if you are looking for other services.
    • Another option is to visit the Alzheimer's Association website to find your local chapter in their "Local Resources" section (although it should be in your results from the Community Resource Finder I mentioned above). 

I hope this is helpful! Let me know what you find and if it works out. Happy to help again! 


Take care,

Amy Goyer, AARP Family & Caregiving Expert

Author, Juggling Life, Work and Caregiving and

Color Your Way Content When Caring for Loved Ones


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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @smiley5 ,

Welcome to the AARP Caregiving forums.  Amy will be answering weekly topical questions staring May 6th.  You are welcome to post questions to any of the topics - here is the weekly listing:


Regarding Dementia caregiving, we have had experts in this area and you can post any question in the forums for other users or some of our caregiving experts to answer.


Let us know if you have additional questions.  I have closed this topic until the week it will be addressed.  Thank you.

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