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My mother has been in the hospital for the last 3 months due to encephalitis and was also just diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease. The encephalitis is being caused by an autoimmune response that is rare. My step-father has been diagnosed with Lewy Body dementia and Parkinson's disease. My life as I knew it has come to an abrupt halt, as I now am the one responsible for their care. I am looking for online support to help me understand and manage this in a therapeutic manner. There are many historical family issues that are also at play. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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Hi @BridgetS720119

Kelly had some excellent suggestions....

& I just wanted to add that there are 263 Caregiving videos on

If just one is helpful that would be great!

Take care!  ☮️~Allen  🌄


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Hello, Bridget. 


I've recently been researching the Alzheimer's Association, plus, getting involved with 'The Longest Day,' on June 21, 2023 (fundraising). I have found that there are several ways to find help on their website, which seem really helpful.


Here are some links you may be interested in: 



They have a 24/7 HELPLINE, as well: 1.800.272.3900.


I do hope someone here can guide you further, on a more personal level, and would also maybe share their own experiences with you. 🤗


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