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At age 74, I am seriously considering not going to anymore doctor visits. The more you go, the more they find, the more they hand out prescriptions. And there doesn't seem to be much concern about aging patients. Anyone else experience this? Any tips?
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Find medical personnel (dr, nurse pract, clinic, etc) who deals in geriatric health care in your area. Or a specialist for your most needed health issues. Or ask other seniors, Senior Centers, church group, etc. I have actually been standing in line @ grocery store and asked the person behind me and gotten perfect results, or eventually culled out a choice. Most people have older parents, family members and know something.

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You don't have to  accept prescriptions, but for your  health maintenance or if you're having problems with what you're currently taking,  you should discus this in depth with your doctor. With the costs of prescriptions now a days it takes a deep bite out of your budget even with generic prescriptions..There seems to be insurance for everything wanting our $$...I would do the wellness visits just to make sure things are where they should be for your age otherwise you may find yourself in dire straights health wise..Sometimes a change in ones eating habits can make a difference in ones health...

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