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Do You have Your Online Medical Account Set Up?

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Community Manager

Do You have Your Online Medical Account Set Up?

1-19-21 httpscapaarporgfilesassetitem126221.jpgRoughly 42% of adults aged 50 to 80 years old have not set up an account with their health provider's portal system. Have you? What are your obstacles in doing so?


It's important to do so because many health systems are using patient portals for vaccine scheduling!  

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Because I've got a portal for my GP and one for a specialist I have to visit, I've been dealing with two of them, but I've begun to wonder why!  I fully understand why almost half of senior patients won't bother with it.  I've experienced messages that don't get answered, appointments that didn't get posted, sign-ons that are constantly malfunctioning, and last but not least, the fact that any time I've tried to transfer information from one portal to another, they simply aren't compatible.  The portals are certainly a time saver for Doctors, who can spend more time with patients when the portals are working properly and are used properly.  In my experience, and the anecdotal experience of others, that's a pretty rare situation.  What's the point of pasting one's personal medical information in yet another point on the internet while waiting for someone to hack it? The sales pitch is that your portal information, from test results to visit notes can be shared in an emergency with other doctors in other locations. Hogwash! It has failed a number of times for me when I'm authorizing it, asking for it, and trying to implement it. I'm beginning to think they're just another data collection scam so marketing and population data can be gathered and shared (or even sold) with pharmaceutical companies and other health related businesses.

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I came upon your response here and I had to write because I believe you are 100% correct!

In the old days, when we went to a dr or clinic they had a written chart that had all the info about the illnesses, RX, etc and if we end up in hospital, somebody called dr office to get info. Now they want to do a few cliks to send that info wherever and it's even better if we get on those "portals" on our own time and clik clik all our personal info on there!

Yes, someone could hack it but it could also be sold/shared to who knows and for what??? as you wrote: data collection scam!

If I end up in some ER and somebody needs to check my medical history before they figure out what heart attack or stroke I'm having, they missed a class in med school.  😛

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