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Communicating with a dementia patient

Hi there, I need some practical advise to assist my mom who is the primary caregiver to my dad with dementia.  My dad is almost 91 and has dementia that is largely presenting as depression and paranoia.  His memory is relatively good.  The worst problem is that my dad accuses my mom of stealing his money and of trying to poison him.  He has started making all kinds of hurtful accusations and my mother isn't handling it well at all.  I've told her she has to remember he has a condition and that she has to stop taking things so personally.  She said it's easier said than done.  I told her she almost needs a script of responses when he starts ranting and raving about taking the money, saying she's a bad person.  Does anyone have any books or suggestions for my mother as well as my sister and I when we have to encounter my dad saying all these things.  We have other problems to deal with, but this is the most immediate to keep my mom from losing her mind or having a heart attack or stroke.  Thanks!

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@JaneCares wrote:

i wondered what that quote button was for!

This website doesn't have intuitive features, or where you could move your cursor over something, and get a brief explanation. I think they began posting "help" somewhere, but since it wasn't in alphabetical or any other logical order, it would be crazy to waste time hunting for something specific!

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