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Caregiving left us in heavy debt

My brother and I cared for our mom remotely with assistance from some wonderful neighbors, and for awhile from some costly agencies. The 'caregivers' from agencies were horrible - one even stole my mom's precious jewelry and was neglectful when she fell. I'm sure we all know how excruciating it is to see and hear of your parents deteriorating health. Our dad died and mom shortly after. We eventually found that my dad left us with over one million dollars in debt, including a home equity loan on the house we grew up in. My brother put it in a trust, to try to get medicaid for my mom while living. At great expense, we found that we still wouldn't qualify. Meanwhile, we have some neighbors expecting to get paid and we can't afford anything now. My brother has cancer, a heart condition, and broke his hip. We ain't no spring chickens either. This was a big surprise after our dad telling us that we would have a very big inheritance. Unfortunately, in his later years, he got somewhat careless with his finances. What can anyone do in a situation like this?
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Get the advice of an estate attorney to see whether or not your equity is at risk thus depriving your own children of what you may intend to pass on to them...You may have to liquidate the house that your parents owed or there are already liens placed against it if it has not already been seized for debt collection..bankruptcy is also an option . But this is why you need good sound legal advice...It looks like a very sticky situation to be in and must cause a lot of stress for both of you..Good Luck with it...

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