Your money isnt good here

I have just read this article in January/February issue. 

This view is coming from a business owner and retail manager. 

I do not find this information accurate.

Implementing cash only is another way of the government to control you. 

It's costs business owners thousands of dollars a year to take credit. It can have a huge impact on the bottom line. It does not increase transactions per hour. Teach today's generation how to count money, instead of swiping. Your service works are getting less tips and gratuities using credit. A cashless business is not more profitable! Some banks are now requiring ID if you deposit more then $200 in cash. WHY? 

The more POS credit technology that is used the more jobs are being lost. 

Cashiers that are a very important part of an everyday experience. 

So many more reasons. 


Not sure how using credits cards is a form of government control.We gave been primarily using credit cards for purchases for more than 40 years. The incentives is the rewards. When we were younger primarily using our credit card for purchases meant that every two to three years we had enough rewards point to cover 60% to 100% of a 2-3 week vacation. 

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