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When using the Expedia Travel for the first time!


When using the Expedia Travel for the first time!

On 8-2-2021 we looked through and was excited to use Expedia for our travel plans.

It was nice to be able to see what was avaiable in the two areas we wanted to stay! 

Not only did you get to see what rooms looked like but it also had ratings for each place!

Made two reservations! Great said rooms would be charged at checkin! So if you had to cancel your money wouldn't be tied up on your credit card! Great idea

Reservations where for 9-3 and 9-4 

Recieved my credit card bill twards the end of august and there on the bill the one reservation was 

charged on 8-3-2021? was surprised to say the least.

On 9-2-2021 I had to cancel one reservation which I did with no problems! Great again!

Then the problems began!

First I was very disappointed when pulling into the motel it wasn't anything close to what the web site showed or said! Said rating was a 4 not in this life time you would be really hard pressed to even give it a 3 it was barley a 2!! I've had problems before with charges put on my credit card without my knowledge so I always document and double check everything! 

there where problems with the amount that was to be charged!

So I called the support number listed the agent who answered the phone spoke poor english. so I tried explaining to her what my problem was..she hung up on me..called again and got the same agent and again I tried explaining my problem and asked to speak to someone else..she again just hung up by this time I'm very frustrated but again I call the support number and this time the same agent answered the phone and I tried explaining again my problem and she said I have to cancel she needs number? I said why would I want to canel we are already checked in and before i could finish she hung up again on me. If i would have cancel on that day I would have forfetted the money already charged to my credit card and card again?? So I called my credit card company and filed a complaint!!

Its a good thing i document everything and print it out on paper! I have all of that 

But now dealing with the support team I have been told it will take 12-14 weeks to do an investigation? 

I"m putting this out here so it dosnt happen to someone else!! 

Check and doulble check everything!

What you see is the pictures isn't always what you will get!!

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