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What grocery stores does Coinflip work with?

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I'm just trying to find out what grocery stores Coinflip works with. I shop at Safeway here in the central coast area of California, and want to know before I sign up, if Coinflip even works with them. I haven't even been able to find their web site yet.


Or do I have to sign up before I know that it will be helpful? If that's the case, I won't bother. Don't need my information on yet another useless web site.


Thanks very much.

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Re: What grocery stores does Coinflip work with?

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DO NOT SIGN UP FOR THIS PROGRAM. "Coinflip" automatically loads your shoppers card with many, many coupons you do not use. This can cause a BIG problem as with some cards you hit a max of what you can load.

I found this out with my Kroger card. AARP for some unexplainable reason cannot seem to get your loyalty card and "Coinflip" disengaged. 

You will either have to cancel and get a new loyalty card or cancel your AARP membership to get this disaster of a company "Coinflip" out of your life.

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