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Term life insurance

has anyone ever heard of Thrivent insurance for term life? they offer $250k for $144.oo month

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If I've done my research correctly, it sounds like it's the same company from which I bought a "Lutheran Life" policy when I was around 18 (50 years ago), but that policy is now long gone. You can read about the company here


I don't know why the name is now so "uninformative" versus "Lutheran Life Ins. Co.". Sounds like it's still a Lutheran company, but I'm sure they will be happy to sell policies to anyone.


I agree with @JamesC85675  that you should shop around. And know what you're buying. 


Term life insurance is such a commodity that you can deal with an insurer directly, or work with a broker that works over the internet. The latter is what I did around 15 years ago; if I remember correctly it was Select Quote, but I know there are many others. My broker gave me a variety of options with different companies. I ended up with Banner Life. They sent a nurse to my home to give me a perfunctory physical. The entire transaction was painless.


I was so pleased with the transactions that I actually contacted the same broker, the very same guy, after like 8 years. He was astonished that I remembered him!


You can check the solidity of insurance companies by their AM Best rating. Read up on AM Best then ask your potential insurer what their rating is (I think otherwise you have to pay AM Best to get their ratings). Or maybe there's a free guide to these ratings on the web.


Good luck!




@txkutey wrote:

has anyone ever heard of Thrivent insurance for term life? they offer $250k for $144.oo month


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I am an insurance agent and when it comes to insurance everyone should a licensed agent. I actually show clients my license.  Ask an agent for his/her license.  Term insurance is the cheapest type of life insurance.  You see the ads on TV you hear about a company that give a great rate.  Do not believe what you see. Before you sign on any insurance policy make sure you understand what you are reading. Always ask questions, questions and more questions until you are satisfied that you understand what you are buying.

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