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Here's my question, I received SSA benefits but I also have other income so I have to file. Problem is I owe so I do not get a federal refund so I do not add deposit information when I file. So the question is will the IRS see that I am SSA recipient and deposit the stimulus amount into my checking or will they see no deposit information on the the federal and send a paper check?  None of the websites including AARP address this issue. I hope someone out there knows the answer.  I know I can add the deposit information on site but if they already have it based on my SSA benefits I don't want to add to the confusion.  I cannot be the only one who has wondered about this.  

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I have much the same situation as you do.  I receive SSA benefits, I had to file a return because of other income, but did not owe taxes and did not get a refund, so I did not add deposit information.  I had heard that the IRS was working with SSA and IRS would get my direct deposit info from them.  I went on the IRS.GOV site today and went to "Get My Payment" and after answering a few questions was told my check was being mailed to me tomorow (4/24).  It didn't allow me to enter my direct deposit info.  Just said I was "logged out".  I have been trying to get an answer on this for some time, so I guess now I have it.  I don't know why they didn't see that I received SS and do direct deposit, and I am very disappointed.  Try "Get My Payment" and I hope you do get told it's on its way, even if it is not direct deposit.

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Thanks for answering. I did go online to Get My Payment.  I got Payment Status Not Available. I did hear from my Congressional representative's office today and was told the paper checks start being mailed out on April 24th.  And basically the answer to my question is if there is no deposit information but you did file you get a paper check regardless if you are a SSA recipient.  She also stated because of the volume that the IRS said it could be up to 20 weeks. So she suggested if I do not receive a check by next week try going online to add deposit information.  So that's it.

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