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Instacart Beware

Instacart: The membership is $99 and you have to cancel within 3 months to get a full refund.  If you have Instacart, it will automatically renew unless you call their headquarters to cancel it.


First of all there are some honest drivers doing your shopping, but the ones who are not can be the biggest pain and Instacart will do nothing to deter them. 


Missing food from your order happens quiet a lot at Instacart.  Even though you need the item, you will have to order over $35 to get your item hopefully in the next order you make.  The only thing Instacart will do is remove that drive from ever doing your shopping in the future.  The second thing you can choose is not to tip them at the end of your order, BUT if you look closely at the bottom of your receipt Instacart already give them a tip from you.  I just found out you must call Instacart back immediately and have them remove the extra tip. 


I'm on a low sodium diet and I need all my groceries.  This month I place my order which totaled 14 items; I order a 10 lb. bag of oranges. When driver deliver my groceries she gave me only 1 orange and keep the 10 lb. bag of oranges.   Instacart blames the stores.  Not true, the stores have cameras above the register and bagging area, so they see anyone who may need reminding or retraining.  Plus, the cashiers are very carefully not to mix the groceries.  


I finally canceled the service and Instacart refused to credit me $33 for remaining 4 months. They stated I had 3 months to cancel, l but nothing was ever missing until the 4th month.  We are credited but the issues remain.  Instacart doesn't care about its customers. If you go on their website you can read the complains and there are additional complains on the Better Business Bureau website too.


I sincerely hope someone starts a Class Action Sue against Instacart.  They already lost in the courts this year when the drive filed on them. 



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