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Credit Cards

I'm seventy-one and over the years have accumulated $22,000. in credit card debt. With interest rates increasing this has become a real battle to pay down. My annual income is about the same amount. One way to pay it down would be a loan from a company that would go to Capital One and pay off part of it. I would pay that company at about six percent interest. Then paying that amount in just a few years.

 I know my credit score would take a hit, but I'm not selling my house, and I just bought a car so I can probably get by with a low credit score for awhile. Anyone with ideas would be very welcomed, thanks!

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Where are you able to get an unsecured loan at a 6% rate of interest?


You mention it would only pay part of the debt.


How much of the $22,000 would be paid off with the new loan.


The only interest rates near 6% would be a Home Equity loan where you secure the debt with your home.


If you can get an unsecured loan for 6%, I would do it because I am sure your credit card interest rates are no where near that.

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