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Best Deals at Warehouse Clubs

The pandemic has made buying in bulk a more attractive strategy for older shoppers. If you minimize shopping trips and stock up on staples, you limit your time in stores and your risk of exposure to the coronavirus. (Read the article...)


Have you found any bargain prices lately? What did you buy?

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I'm a single male & Costco has been my favourite store for the last 33 years since I 1st. moved to Ca & found Price Club. I'm not a hoarder by any means, yes some of the products you buy are in larger bulk quantities, but there is a whole lot that is not, when I shop there, I'm either buying some new product or replacement shopping for supplies I regularly use. If people only shopped as I do, there would always be plenty of supplies available. People don't go to the bathroom any more or less whether there is a pandemic or not.

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Sounds like recommending hoarding, then when someone wants an item they need, it is nowhere to be found.  I don’t agree with such a plan whatsoever!  Leave something for others.  Let’s cooperate and get thru this together folks.

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