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10 Surprisingly Valuable Collectibles Hiding in Your Home

If you're spending your social distancing time cleaning out your closets, don't overlook these items when you're cleaning out your attic, garage or basement!


What’s your most valued collectible?




Lot of people have old costume jewelry. There's a nice market for these things if you can find a buyer.


I collect this stuff

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I have a few items that were grandmother's which include cameo jewelry, the Betty Crocker cookbook, a few of my grandfather's items as well. I have a picture that is framed from the 1800's which my mom says appraised at around $1500 back in the early 2000's. Any old items I have I keep not only memories but also in case I get in a bind and unfortunately would have to sell them to be able to pay bills or have food.


I am not sure if it has any monetary value, but to me the most valuable collectible is my Grandma's

metal device that she used to wind up her clothesline.  She brought the clothesline in after the clothes were dry each Monday, unless it was raining. She did not want the rope to get "dirty." 

Also, it prevented anyone from ducking if they were cutting through the yard.  I also have some

of her clothespins.

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