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Whole Brain Living

It’s very easy for the brain to go offline. Paying attention to our brain health and nurturing that health makes all the difference in the world. It’s also very important to use your entire brain, both left and right sides. Stimulating both sides of the brain helps us lead more meaningful, fulfilled and engaged lives. How do you break up your routine and introduce new and exciting things into your life?


Check out this video with Harvard brain scientist and stroke survivor Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor. Dr. Bolte Taylor shares why it is important to stimulate both the left and right brain and how whole brain living facilitates a more engaged and fulfilling life.



Empower yourself and incorporate brain health into your daily life at AARP Staying Sharp.

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i hate upsetting my routine. i am a creature of habit; i do things a certain way & if that goes off-track in someway then it throws me into a panic. i like things to stay the same but in certain cases i am not shut out of changes!

Community Manager
Community Manager

I understand where you are coming from @PaulH627938! We are all creatures of habit, and throwing off our routines can sometimes create anxiety and stress. That being said, our brains need new and exciting things to remain stimulated and healthy. One thing I've started recently is watercoloring 🖌 It's challenging because water is unpredictable, but it's also relaxing. It helps me process my emotions too. I recommend that you start by trying something new that already interests you - if you like reading, try writing a short story or poems, for example.

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