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Vegan & Raw-Food Diets VS Brain-Health

A] Typical Mainstream-Diet is a Very Heavy & Congestive-One>from the Meats & Cheeses, to Pastas, Lots of Bread [even whole grain], Sugary-Sweets & Drinks, & Not-Enuf Fresh Fruits, Veges, Nuts, & Water!! Digestion, Assimilation, & Elimination are Diminished early-on, along w/ Circulation!!

B] As The-Brain is The-Body's Highest-Organ it will begin to Not-Receive Proper Nutrition & Cleansing, along w/ Oxygenation from Congested-Lungs & Heart due to a Poor-Diet>along w/ the Debilitating Subsequent-Habits used to Maintain in Work & Society = Common-Sense VS Rocket Science!! This is the Beginning of Older-Age [far too soon] Dementia/Alzheimer's or Susceptibility to Stroke/Etc!!

C] Until Simpler, Cheaper, Quicker, & Safer [compared to DNA-Meds]-Research is Done on the Mainstream *Meat & By-Product Diet* VS a *Vegan & Raw-Foods Diet* & their Effects on Health, Healing, & Well-Being>No-Cures will be Found!! These-Diets are Polar-Opposites>Nothing affects One's Health-More than Food-Eaten!!

D] As Sickness & Disease is Ravaging-Humanity w/ No Significant-Cures or Quantum-Leaps on the Horizon cept the DNA-Panacea-Pills...One must Look to Our-Creator [GOD for Me] for Sustenance-Ordained for Our-Food!! Do-Not-Kill is an Immutable-Law of Universe, which Includes the Animals>just a Different-Species [Stronger & Keener than Humans in Ways] w/ a Right to Life as We!!
As-Humanity Violates the Law, & Consumes-Meat & By-Products [Milk of a Cow is for Calf>Eggs are for Procreation] One's-Body will Begin to Malfunction in a Myriad of Ways early on, ie Sickness & Disease!!

E] However...*One's-Diet is a MOST-Precious-Habit*...Along w/ those Enjoyable *Subsequent-Habits* to Maintain in Society...& Work~~~
"One Day a Man's-Food will be His-Medicine" Hippocrates..."That-DAY is Today" MichaelB


F]  I have a Great-Respect for Mainstream-Medicine & Sugeries, as They can Take-One-Apart & Put-Them Back-Together while Stabilizing w/ Their-Medicines>which Keeps the Status-Quo in Tact!!

However, they Don't-Know how to Properly-Feed-You, & an Endless-Cycle-Continues as Einstein's-Insanity RULES Research-Attempts...Humanity-Suffers, HealthCare-Costs-Rise, while Anxieties & Tensions-Flare in Our Tenuous-Country & when One-Doesn't Feel-Well>How can They Properly-Act-Well~~~

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G]  So, what is this *Food-Body-Correlation* & *Eating for Ur-Weaknesses*?? Hippocrates,

"The-Father of Medicine" & Namesake of "Hippocratic-Oath" that ALL-Drs must take before Practicing-Medicine...once said, "One-Day a Man's-Food will Be-His-Medicine" which I'll-Add, *That-Day is Today*!!


*GOD's Extreme-Intelligence thru Nature* is a Simple yet Magnificent Correlation of Proper-Sustenance, to Specifically-Nourish Any-Organ or Part of One's-Body that may be Weak, Malnourished, or Diseased!!


Any Knowledgeable-Person knows what Most-Organs or Body-Parts look like...w/ That-Image in Mind~>Look @ the Myriad of Available-Foods in Nature & Try to Spot a Unique-Similarity in Look, between any Organ or Part & a, Celery looks like the Bones [X-Rays] & also Tendons & Ligaments!!


So~>What-Food is for The-BRAIN??

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So~>What-Food is for The-BRAIN??

Then, there's Prevagen a Brain-Supplement from the Innards of a JellyFish>as Scientists continue to Torture & Kill the Animals in their-Quests for The-Answers>somewhere between 'Forest for tha Trees' & 'Einstein's-Insanity'!! Read the Following *Food for Thot*~~>


“Aren’t Humans-Amazing? They Kill-Wildlife – Birds, Deer, all kinds of Cats, Coyotes, Beavers, Groundhogs, Mice and Foxes by the Million in order to Protect their Domestic-Animals and their Feed!
Then they Kill-Domestic-Animals by the Billion and Eat-Them! This in turn Kills-People by the Million, because Eating all those Animals leads to Degenerative – and Fatal – Health-Conditions like Heart Disease, Stroke, Kidney Disease, and Cancer! So then Humans spend Billions of Dollars Torturing and Killing-Millions more Animals to look for Cures for These-Diseases!
Elsewhere, Millions of other Human Beings are being Killed by Hunger and Malnutrition because Food they Could-Eat is being Used to Fatten Domestic Animals!
Meanwhile, few people recognize the Absurdity of Humans, who Kill so Easily and Violently, and Once a Year>Send out Cards Praying for ***Peace on Earth***

~Revised Preface to "Old MacDonald’s Factory Farm” by C. David Coats

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I] So, there's Prevagen, a Brain-Supplement...then U-Have *Cow's-Milk for Strong-Bones* The-Mantra of the Burgeoning Dairy-Industry...*Drink-Milk 4 Strong-Bones*...for the Calf>the ONLY-Reason a Cow has Milk>yet again Simple Common-Sense Eludes-Researchers & Most of Humanity, as Our most Debilitating-Disease>Arthritis, Needlessly-Affects Millions of Americans!!

Additionally, the Synovial-Fluid, which Lubricates the Structual & Moving-Parts of Body, has a Very-Unique-Food that Notated in My 2010 Published-Book, "The Real Cure for Arthritis" available on Amazon $15.!! It also Deals w/ Diet-Transitions from Meat & By-Products to Vegetarian, to Vegan, & to a Raw Food-Diet, along w/ Many-Recipes!!

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J]  Modern Day-Thots are to Rely on the *Vitamin-Mineral-Charts* ; the Food-Pyramid ; Doctor or Dietician ; & Established-Traditions to find the Proper-Foods for Health!! I call it the *Flat World Understanding* w/ No Significant-Cures or Quantum-Leaps for Sickness or Disease!! Time to *Evolve-Back to The-Beginning of GOD's-Ordained Original-Diet*...amidst Claims of Heresey~~~

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K]  The *Food-Body Correlation* is simply, *Properly-Matching the Foods of Nature to the Body-Parts or Organs in Similarity of Look* The next step then is Adjusting One's-Diet to Include More of These-Foods depending on One's Most-Pressing Health-Problems or Concerns...which Becomes Eating for Ur-Weaknesses = Intelligent-Eating!!
Simple in Understanding, but More-Difficult in Deed due to Long-Term Diet & Habit-Patterns, Belief or Faith, Adjustment-Time, & Subsequent Cleansing-Processes!! But, Take-Heed, w/ a Much-Simpler & Shorter Transition-Period these days because of the Wide-Availibilty of Vege/Vegan Meat & Dairy-Substitute Products, than back in the 1970's as I was Going Cold-Turkey & Backsliding, til finally Becoming-Vege in 1980, Vegan in 1990, & now 90% Raw Food Diet [ the Hardest of ALL]!!
Myself & Others have Done the Revolutionary Hard-Work, as now Vege/Vegan-Diets are More CommonPlace & Acceptable...Most-Everyone has Diet-Concerns & Ambitions to Achieve & Keep the *Cutting-Edge*>Right~~~

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Tho I consider Other-Vege, Vegan, & some Alternative-Therapy-Practitioners, Fellow-Pioneers...My-Methods are Uniquely-Different & Superior in Many Important-Aspects, as They-Have a Spiritual Common-Denominator, Birthed from Early-ChildHood of the 1950's in the Baptist-Tradition of Billy Graham-Country in My-BirthPlace of North Carolina!! They taught me Basic Spiritual-Values>Combined w/ the Innocence of Being a Child, & My Vague-Recollections of Holiness on Saturday & Sunday-Afternoons...Life is a Spiritual-Journey~~~
Then came a *20-Year Masters-Class in The-Wilderness* of the 1970's & 80's...*Seek-Diligently & Perservere...& U Will-Find*

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X]   "Dec 11, 2018 - U.S. Health-Care Spending grew 3.9 percent in 2017, reaching $3.5 trillion or $10,739 per person. As a share of the Nation's Gross-Domestic-Product, Health-Spending accounted for 17.9 percent."

"While the total amount that the United States spent on *Medical and Health Research & Development* in 2017 is close to $180-Billion."


Yet, No-Cures or Significant Quantum-Leaps in *Named Sickness & Disease*>as Breaking-News!!

As Researchers Place too Many-Marbles on DNA-Meds [Panacea-Pills] which is *Rocket-Science best Left to GOD's Creative-Genius & Extreme-Intelligence thru Nature*, w/o *The-Adulteration of Animals*!!

DNA-Researchers Claim to have *Found the Cancer-Genes*, & are Delving into *Turning-Them-Off* for The-Cure...almost there>just a little more time & a Lot-More-$$$'s!!

And as a Kicker, are Doing the Same w/ the *Nefarious Aging-Genes*>& once Turned-Off...No-More-Worries about Diet & Exercise>Viola...LMAO!!!

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Y]  I'm One of the Pioneers in a *New-Frontier of Health & Healing*, Birthed during the Revolutionary 1960's & Roaring 1970's, & Described in Simple-Detail & Clarity in My Previous-Posts under This-Title!! Special-Thanks to the Eastern-Indians for Their-Gifts of a Vegetarian-Diet, Meditation, & Philosophy during Those-Years>Combined w/ an Evolution of Like-Minded Western-Energies, & of Course Mainstream-Medicines & Surgeries to Keep Status Quo in Tact!!


However, as of Today>Sunday June 23, 2019 there are Still-NO Cures or Significant Quantum-Leaps in Common-Sickness & Disease, as They-Continue to Ravage-Humanity w/ No-Tangible-Results on the Horizon>cept DNA-Panacea-Pills giving a False-Hope to the Masses, while Proving Einstein's-Insanity & Wasting Billions of $$$'s on a Dead-End-Venture!!


This *New-Frontier* has been Initiated over Several-Decades, & HAS Improved the General-Health, Strength, & Well-Being of the American-Populace w/ an Emphasis of a Better-Diet, Positive-Thinking, & Calming/Re-Centering Time-Outs!!

However, as it's been Woven-In to Our-Lifestyle, *It's-Totality* has Yet to Catch-Fire w/ a *Stop the World* Breakthrough to Get the Attention & Support it Needs & Deserves, for FINALLY the Pathways to the Elusive Real-Cures for the Named-Diseases, & a Simple-Understanding of Common-Sicknesses!! 

While Common-Day Research takes Many-Years & Exhaustive/Possibly-Dangerous Testing on Human-Subjects>Not to Mention Billions of $$$'s...My-Understanding is it's *Much-More Diet, Habits, & LifeStyle*>than Some-Nefarious Cancer-Germ or Heredity-Factor that is Causing-Humanity to be Much-Less than It-IS Capable-Of...esp During These Critical-Times!!

Past-Time for this *New-Frontier* w/ the Financial-Windfalls of the Fabled Pioneer-Days of the Gold-Rush over 150-Years ago...which would Be-Dwarfed by Savings in True-HealthCare, Productivity, & the Like...but More-Importantly>Everyones Health & Well-Being taking Eventual Quantum-Leaps~~~



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Z] July 4th, 2019 ***Independence from Sickness & Disease***

1] In Summation:

a] The Mainstream-Diet is Cholesterol-Laden & Circulation-Inhibitive, thereby Promoting-Sluggishness, & Risks for Heart-Attacks & Strokes in Our-Stressful & Too-Busy Lives!!


b] Much of Alzheimers, Dementia, & Brain-Health is Simple-CommonSense, as Gravity takes Better-Circulation & Stronger-Energy to OverCome & Rise to Brain...but still Falls-Short if *Proper-Sustenance* is Not-Delivered to The-Brain~>One's All-Important, Central Intelligence Agency, & Directive-Force!!


c] Meat/By-Products take 10-Times the Resources to Produce than Vegan/Raw-Diets do!!

Mainstream VS Vegan/Raw/Etc-Methods are 10,000 times More-Expensive in Research, ie DNA-Meds/Etc!!

Mainstream VS Vegan/Raw/Etc-Methods are a 1,000,000 times More-Dangerous, as Most every Medicine-Advertised can have a Myriad of Side-Effects which can Further-Complicate Health & Healing!!


d] {GOD is Omni-Present} The Magnificent-Foods of Nature, Created from the Tiny-Seed, Coming to Fruition in Differing-Times of Year>to Help-Us-Adapt to That-Season...w/ *GOD's Extreme-Intelligence thru Nature* Ordaining Specific-Foods for Each-Part/Organ of the Body>w/o Killing-Animals!!


e] The Cou-de-Gra> *One's-Diet is a Most-Precious-Habit* as also are *The Subsequent-Habits* needed by Most-Adults to Maintain in Society...& Sometimes-Work!!

What's It-Worth for Better & Lasting-Health?? It's-ALL about ENERGY & How-One Consistently-Feels!! NOTHING affects Health-More than What-U-Consume for Food & Drink!! THESE are The-Days to OverCome!!

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f] To-Many in the Status-Quo>Sickness & Disease are Not-If but When, for Chemo & or Surgeries?! Even w/ a Perfect-Diet One may Need a Surgery because of an Injury/Accident...I've-Always-Appreciated their Expertise & Medicines to Stabilize!!

The Healthier One-Becomes, the Greater-Chances for a Full, Prosperous, & Exciting-Life...w/ More-Joy & Less-Pain = Better-Vibes for Everyone!!

*We're ALL-GOD's-Family* & HardWired for Love & Harmony!!


g] Bizarro-World [DC-Superman-Comics circa Early-1960's]??? As-Humanity is Still-Ravaged by Sickness & Disease>It's-SAD that The-Answers are Already-Here in Simple/Obvious-Forms, yet *Forest for Trees-Symdrome* ; Traditional-Diet & Habits ; *Einstein's Insanity-Research* has Truly-Created a *Bizarro-World*...Refer to H] in Previous-Posts for an Enlightening-Tale~>

*Old McDonald's Factory-Farm* by C. David Coats


h] *GOD's Extreme-Intelligence thru Nature* is a Miracle of Love for Us to Succeed & Enjoy in Life>from Our-Creator!! Its-Simplicity Came to Me from Empirical-Observations in early 1980's where I-Began to Notice, that Every-Food Looked-Like a Different-Part/Organ of The-Body>WHY-NOT?? Still No-Cures or Quantum-Leaps on Horizon, & w/ All-Due-Respect>Rocket-Science-Reasonings!!

With *Food/Body-Correlation* [C-2010...I've Documented 20] a Grain of Faith & a Pound of Effort>One-Can *Eat for Their-Weaknesses*...& Use-It to Improve & Keep the Cutting-Edge!! ***LIFE is Precious>Be-Ur-Best***

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i]  The 'Programming & Marketing' of Drugs [like Prevagen as a Brain-Supplement, from OMG>JellyFish] & Diet [Meat & By-Products...for Protein>a Misnomer] has Indoctrinated the Masses to Dependency & Limitations!!

However, Many are Seeing Beyond-This & Seeking Other-Methods & Alternative-Ways, along w/ Better-LifeStyles!! But Until One Delves into GOD-Understanding-Reasonings...w/ All-Due-Respect, Bizarro-Rocket-Science will Rule the Roost...


j] ...& Keep-Us-Stuck in the *Flat-World-Understanding*, that Does-Keep the Status-Quo in Tact, but still No-Cures for Named-Sickness & Disease on the Horizon, despite Eons of Time & $$$'s!!

*GOD is OmniPresent & so is Evolutionary-Thinking* again w/ a Grain of Faith, & a Pound of WillPower & Effort!! Time is NOW~~~

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k] The Audacity of Our Holy-Creator Making the Foods of Nature to Nourish the Body-Parts/Organs that Celery looks like Bones, Tendons, & Ligaments [also High in Calcium]...& Cauliflower looks like The-Brain>OMG...Absurd, Ridiculous, Delusional, Insane, HA!! The-ONLY-Insanity is *Einsteins-Theorum* as Scientists Keep-Looking for Strictly Outside-Forces that Cause-Cancer, Arthritis, Alzheimers...or the Common-Cold...Instead of WHAT is actually Put into Ones-Body as Food & Drink!! Violating what GOD has Ordained as Proper-Sustenance for Our-Food, will Sooner than Later Cause Our-Body to Malfunction [Sickness & Disease] because Meat & By-Products were Never-Meant for Food!!

*One-Day a Man's-Food will be His-Medicine*>That-Day has Arrived...Time to *Eat for Ur-Weaknesses*>Not Strictly Appetite-Cravings or Impulsiveness!! Becoming a Vegetarian, Vegan, or Raw-Foodist is a 1,000-times Easier than back in 1960's, 70's, & 80's!! There's *Alternative Meat & By-Product-Free Substitutes* for Any-Favorite, & Close-Enough in Taste & Texture to Withstand & Overcome *The-Cravings*...along w/ Qualified-Pilgrims of 1960's, 70's, & 80's to Guide-U along...til it Becomes-U!!


l]  *Mainstream-Medicine* combined w/ the *Alternative-Ways* = *Complimentary-Medicine*>along w/ Mental, Emotional, & Spiritual-Health is the *New-Frontier in Health & Healing*!!
Like any Evolution in the Eons of Humanity...It Already-Existed, but just Needed to Be-Discovered & Developed!! Developed, like any other Aspect in Life, til It Becomes-U!!


Most-AMERICANS Believe in a Higher-Power/Creator to Varying-Degrees>that Most-Call GOD in AMERICA!! Tho Many-Times it Takes a Tragedy>like the Loss of a Loved-One or *9-11* to Slap-Us into Sanity...thru Regret & Remembrance~~~to ***Comfort of GOD***

But I can Tell-U that GOD Wants-Us to Succeed, & Makes-It Easy-Enuf if One-Strives & Has the Faith of a Mustard-Seed...Life is Real...& Precious...Time for a New-Way & a New-Day>Quit-Livin in the Past>Bring Ur-Future to the Present!!

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2] In-Conclusion:

    a] *The-Mission of the AARP is to EmPower-People to Choose-How They-Live as They-Age* ...How they Are-Aging tho, is a Big-Factor in How They-Live>Like-It or Not!! How They-Age can be More in Their-Control if Certain LifeStyle-Changes take on a Higher-Priority & Urgency-ASAP!! Obviously DIET is @ The-ForeFront, as Its the Fuel that Sustains All-Facets of Ones-Life & thereby How U-Feel thruout the Day>Enuf of PAIN & Dread!!

    b] But like I've-Said>DIET is a Most-Precious-Habit, Cultivated from Day-1 by Mother's-Diet [& Habits], UpBringing, Societal-Influences, Etc til It Becomes-You w/o a Thot!! Until, however, the *Mirror-Mirror on the Wall* can No-Longer be Denied>along w/ How-U-Feel & the Ebb & Flow of Ur-Energies!! Then Up-Pops those Nefarious but Enjoyable Subsequent-Habits to Enhance Societal-Meanderings!! Sadly-Tho, the Law of Diminishing-Returns-Arrives far too Soon as Another-Warning for a Directional-Shift...tho Some>NEVER OverCome-Them & Their-Destiny is Encumbered!!
So much has Been-Invested in These-2 Life-Altering-Factors that the *Risk of Faith is a Serious-Consideration* to UnderTake!! But Take-Heart as the Dietary-Transition to a Vege, Vegan, & Raw is a Well-Traveled & Documented-Road...Ur NOT Gonna-Die or Become a Wimp...ask Carl Lewis or Edwin Moses of Track & Field-Stardom...& Multitudes-More!! However, You'll Waste a Lot of Time going This-Way & That, w/ Run of Mill-Teachers & Dieticians!! NONE Know-It like Me w/ 40yrs as a Vege, 30 as a Vegan, & Now 90% Raw-Food>The-Best...Live-Food/Enzymes for a Live-Body...& w/ a GOD-Catalyst!!
Again>NOTHING affects One's-Health & Well-Being more than what U-Actually Put into Ur-Body>UnderScored by a Universal Immutable-Law of DO-NOT-KILL>which Includes the Animals!! As of Today>Saturday July-20th, 2019< There are No Significant-CURES or Quantum-Leaps towards them w/ Named-Diseases, on The-Horizon!! Time for a Change for Those *Wanting to Keep on the Cutting-Edge* Quicker & Longer...& Ahead of The-Pack!!


    c]  It's Past-Time for this *New-Frontier* w/ the Financial-Windfalls of the Fabled Pioneer-Days of the Gold-Rush over 150-Years ago...which would Be-Dwarfed by Savings in True-HealthCare, Productivity, & the Like...but More-Importantly>Everyones Health & Well-Being taking Eventual Quantum-Leaps~~~

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