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Affirmation Tea 2/22/2021

Affirmations help reframe our negative thoughts, improve our mindset and increase our self-worth. We all can take time to affirm our core beliefs and encourage ourselves. Self-affirmation allows you to think positively about the important things in your life like your health, family, hobbies or career. Every Monday I'll share the weekly affirmation tea 🍵


affirmation 1.png



Take some time to repeat this gentle reminder to yourself, either out loud or in your head. Reflect on what this affirmation means: How have you been the architect of your life? How was your solid foundation formed and what have you built upon it? What content are you grateful for?


If this affirmation resonates and you notice yourself having a tough moment during the week, return to the affirmation and repeat it to yourself however you need to (ex. in your head, out loud, write it down or repeat it while looking at yourself in a mirror) 💛


I hope this gives you some solace and strength this week. Reply with a 💛 to affirm this for yourself. Until next time!





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@AARPRachelA   Hello Rachel!   It's Monday, and I am here to check out your tea on this very snowy morning!😀


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Community Manager

Hi @RosemaryF433825! Hope you're staying warm and cozy! March is such a weird month for weather ❄️


For this week's affirmation tea, click here.


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