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AARP MA plans - provider contract renewals

I am a 71-year-old healthy Boulder resident in Colorado on the AARP Secure Horizons plan who is a church member, works parttime for Boulder County older adults, and is in two older adult walking groups. If UHC does not renew contracts with Boulder Community Hospital and Boulder Medical Center (my HMO), each person I’ve spoken with over the past week on a UHC MA plan intends to change insurance companies when open enrollment begins.

As an advocate for the aging community, this episode of apparent greed is the opposite of the trustworthy AARP goodwill that has been carefully fostered over decades. AARP’s membership ranks will also surely suffer.

Graciously I request as a satisfied six-year enrollee of AARP’s UHC plans, please encourage AARP UHC profit-motivated powers-that-be, who refuse to pass on reasonable cost of living increases to our medical providers, to see reason instead of detriment, on behalf of your insured older adults.

Thank you for listening.

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