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Lest we forget what the orginal objective was (and continues to be)!


Lest we forget what the orginal objective was (and continues to be)!

Many of us have been consumed by the Barclay credit card fiasco. I too made the decision to cancel my "new" AARP card issued through Barclay. There have been so many of us that have written in to talk about what went wrong, who's to blame, who should have done what, and what needs to be done. I think those of us involved had become very attached to our Chase AARP cards that had served us very well for a decade or more. But that is now water gone under the bridge and I hope that, like me, have found Chase more than willing to set us up with new cards.


But the real harm will come from people that decide to drop their AARP membership because of this! An AARP logoed credit card is just a fringe benefit and it's not our primary reason for being an AARP member! I joined AARP to have a voice in many, many areas. As a single voice in the wilderness I carry no weight in the politics that impact my life. Buy by joining with a whole lot of "voices in the wilderness" together we are able to be heard and make a difference. Do I wish I still could carry an AARP branded credit card - you bet. But will I drop out of the only vehicle I have to make my voice heard in Washington - definately not. How can we ever expect to get realy change on prescription costs if we can't be heard. How can we every expect to be heard on medical insurance if we depart our collective "voice"? Well you get the idea - we need AARP now more than ever!


A credit card was a relatively minor part of what AARP has to offer. Don't make a decision in haste to drop your AARP membership. I need your voice alongside mine to be heard!

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You are totally correct in what you post. We the members of AARP must make sure the Staff running AARP for us always act the the best interest of AARP and its members.

Sadly that has not happended and the members deserve to know why. We have not heard anything from our leaders about this and should have. They should have told us what happended in the the process of making this change, and what steps have been taken to make sure it never happens again. From what we know money played a large part. The money going to the Foundation, and decreasing the member benefits to pay for it. 

AARP will not die from without, but from within through poor Management.

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