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Beware - AARP Chase to AARP Barclays transition with Netflix


Beware - AARP Chase to AARP Barclays transition with Netflix

I followed all of the directions for direct charges from AARP Barclays for any reoccurring monthly charges. I entered the new account information online on our Netflix account in plenty of time for the transition to be seamless. I logged out of my account and logged back in to make sure the account information was still there as entered (I know better, I worked in IT). Yesterday, I logged into our Netflix account and saw immediately that the account had been cancelled. We called to inquire as to why and was told there was no credit card information. We asked them to reinstate our account and they were glad to oblige. HOWEVER, when we logged back into our account the charges had increased by $4.00 plus tax a month. We called back and talked to the customer service for DVD service and were told there was a disputed charge on our account and that automatically cancelled our account. He went on to say that we were responsible for the disputed charges and that is when my BP rose. I told him to cancel my account, I would put the 2 dvd's that I have back in the mail, if they couldn't restore it to the grandfathered amount. I called AARP Barclay's and they could see where I put the information into change the account to Barclay's, they saw the charge for September but no charge for October. She went on to say there is no disputed charges on our account and that they would not dispute a charge on our behalf, we would have to initiate a disputed charge. I called back Netflix and they said the best they could do is give us a discount for the first month and that it would indeed be the increased amount after that. I cancelled my subscription with Netflix. The issue is clearly on Netflix's end so be aware there are issues.

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