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Barclays has converted my past Chase credit card statements to Barclays' ??? The circus continues


My past Chase credit card statements have been converted to Barclays statements.

Is this legal??? I doubt it.


In any case, the merchant I am dealing with for a refund needs to see the CHASE statement (the original one). 


Barclays refuses to return my calls and answer emails with LEGAL PROOF to process this refund.






AARP Member Benefits Team, here to help. We certainly understand your concern regarding the service provided by Barclays. We’d be happy to forward your concern to the Escalation team we work with at Barclays for their thorough review and investigation if you’d like. To do this, we will need more information. Please send me a private message in the AARP Online Community by clicking this link and entering my username, “AARPLakeisha” into the “Send to” box Please provide the following details in your message:

  • Your first & last name
  • AARP membership number (or home address)
  • Best contact phone number

We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate you informing us of your concern. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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Are you dreaming?

I have been going back and forth with this circus, which led me to total vulgarity. YES, this CREDIT CARD fiasco  pushes DECENT PEOPLE TO VULGARITY!

You have been abusing members since the beginning of this **bleep**.

Will it ever end?


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