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AARP Travel - Gift card never came

I booked a package (flight and hotel).  Traveled over a month ago.  Supposed to receive a $ 50 gift card within 7 days.  Never received.  Spoke to AARP Travel.  They said would now take 30 days to receive the card.  32 days later still never received it.  Call AARP Travel again.  After half hour on the phone I was told that I wasn't eligible for the card (even though my booking and the website says that I am).  Supposed to be escalated and I'll hear back.  Not holding my breath.

Community Concierge

I am sorry to read about your experience. You can always contact AARP for help if there's an issue with an AARP provider or questions or suggestions for AARP. Please use this link ( to contact us by phone, chat or text.


  •            Description of your issue and/or suggestion


  •            Mention that you are requesting an escalation


We look forward to hearing from you!

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