How to save with points

How do I open a savings with points

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Welcome Antoinette to the AARP Rewards Program...


Click Here for some basic info: ----> About AARP Rewards: Learn About Our Mission


----->   Learn and Earn Points with AARP Rewards


---->  Program Details and Rules, The AARP Rewards Playbook        


On the very top of your web page to the left of your name is your 'AARP Rewards Points total.'


- Each day you will be able to earn up to 7,500 points; if you go over, no problem you keep the extra. Watch AARP Videos for 300 pts, complete Quizzes for 450 pts, etc. See the FAQS


- Each month you will be able to 'redeem points for 3 Gift Cards/ or up to 5 certain Discounted/ Gift Cards  '  =  your choice


- With your points you can also 'gamble - take a chance' on daily Instant Win and Monthly Sweepstakes.  You may enter many, many times and not win; but people do actually win.


- At the start of each new month it is a good idea to complete the 'Extra Credit Rewards'

----> Extra Credit (    to open more rewards.


Look around the forum, curiosity makes you smarter.



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