Medication dispenser options?

This might be a little unusual. I'm searching for information pertaining to me.  My assistance programs have provided med dispensers previously, but I don't believe those would be effective  now.  I can generally manage buying, storing and taking the proper pills on time with timers/reminders as long as there are no alterations in my schedule.  My problem is if I'm interrupted mid task, I don't get them taken, and they must be spaced pretty precisely which then means I'm missing multiple doses.

Does anyone know of a dispenser that requires a "proof" of taking step after dispensing? (similar to the nurses who WATCH and then CHECK that you've actually swallowed before leaving the room?)

I would also appreciate any tips on how others have approached the problem.  I have a full day attendant 3 days a week a part day 2 days a week so interactions to train a habit might be the solution.

Some folks might think of this as non-compliance but I truly recognize I NEED and I want the stability in my health the medications provide.

IF you need an introduction post let me know I'll do one up!

Just a thought or two...
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