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Private Message Images and Hidden Photo Albums

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Private Message Images and Hidden Photo Albums

Many of you are familiar with the way private/hidden photos in your photo albums and private messages work. I thought new-comers or those that just wondered why their private/hidden images show up on the main community forum page under "Latest Images"  when they thought they were private. Also, if you private message someone and send them an image. An image say you attach to a private message from your computer or image from your hidden album. (An image you upload from your computer into a private message will be attach/uploaded into a hidden album)  I noticed this odd behavior of seeing the photos looking like they were public and wondered. I researched and found that the question was asked and answered in 2019.

The answer is that you see them there in "Latest Images" on the main forum page because they are yours and tied to your account. When they are marked "private" or "hidden" they are not visible to the public. Just visible to you because they are yours. I tested this with a friend just to make sure they were private.

I just wanted to mention this in case someone noticed and was afraid that their private images were going public. They aren't.

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