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How to Display Discussions in Chronological Order

You can customize the community's look and behavior in many ways, including time zone, language preference, and how to format the way you display posts.


By default, the AARP Online Community is shown in a threaded layout, which visually groups messages with their replies.  This type of design is used on most social networks. If, however, you want to see a discussion in a linear format, which displays all messages in chronological order regardless of reply relationships, please follow these directions


Setting up a Linear Format:


To set your discussion format to a Linear format, you must be an AARP registered user and be logged in. Once logged into the community, click the My Settings link in the upper right navigation area of the page, located below the red toolbar.



My Settings Link.png



On the My Settings screen (see below screen capture below), click the Preferences link (2), and Display (3).On the Display Settings screen, select the radio button (circle) next to Linear format (4), and Save your change (5). Return to the AARP Online Community and enjoy your new preference setting.



Linear Format.png

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Hi @AARPMichaelP I would luv to do this but have NEVER been able to do anything in my SETTINGS. Help 😭

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