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The 10,000 step barrier

The limit of 150 points for 10,000 steps is probably based on an average of any and all participants.  I would like to see a higher barrier awarded to those accumulating over and beyond.  Examples might include...


15,000 steps = 200 points


20,000 steps = 275 points


25,000 steps = 350 points


By the way, each of the last 2 weeks, I have accumulated over the 10,000 steps, and on days except Sundays, the points were properly creditsd (150 per day).  However, on Sundays, I was awarded the 150 points, but the listing said it was for going over the weekly total.  So I was not credited for the daily 10,000 steps.  Weely should supplement that cumulative total, not replace the final day's total.  

Community Manager
Community Manager

@kb1248 Thank you for your post.  We have the team looking into why this may be occurring with your account to get it corrected!

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