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reward point expiration

Why do unused points have to expire?  The AARP rewards program does not offer enough things to purchase with accumulated points; especially since participants are limited to three (3) rewards with points per month.  It seems unfair for the points to expire, when we put time and effort into earning and accumulating points.  For example, a member can earn 7,500 pts a day times 30 days is 225,000.  Obviously, you can't spend that many even registering for the sweepstakes and instant wins on a daily basis.  What's the point?  Very frustrating.  Again, a waste of time and energy and very unfair.

Periodic Contributor

Please respond to the fact that we were only told after the fact that the points would be expiring on a rolling basis.  We were not told that initially, just left to accumulate points that would ultimately expire because there is not enough things to enter, i.e. sweepstakes, etc. and purchases are limited to three (3) a month.

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@KennethR776014 Rewards participants were notified of the points expiration change in policy on August 5, 2020, giving them a 6-month head start (and for our first point expiration, participants received an additional 24 day grace period to use their points than originally communicated). 


A reminder email was sent on 12/3/20. 


The AARP Rewards Monthly Account Summary also provided reminders on point expiration:


The November 2020 monthly summary included the following reminder: 

Starting January 1, 2021, unused points older than 12 months will expire on a rolling monthly basis.


The December 2020 monthly statement disclosed the number of points due to expire:

You have X points expiring on Jan. 1, 2020, if they are not redeemed.

Point balances and points that will expire can be viewed and tracked via your Transaction History.

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@sr13892711 I appreciate you taking the time to reach out. AARP Reward points expire on a rolling 12-month basis. Our point expiration policy is disclosed in our Terms and Conditions for AARP Rewards which is listed at the bottom of the page and at this link:


The AARP Rewards program's top goal is for our participants to enjoy learning about important topics to the 50+ population. The program is continuously working on offering fun and new ways for participants to redeem their points.


We have increased the quantities of items when available and have increased other points-only redemption offers, including sweepstakes, instant wins, local offers, e-greeting gift cards, and specialty discounts on items such as Garmin devices. We will continue to add new offerings to the catalog in the upcoming months.

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