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Community Manager

Wednesday Weekly Welcome 2/24/2021

Wednesday Weekly Welcome!


Thanks @sy43873392 @LAW1166 @Jaycecolorado @JosephY949334 @CharlesR39428 @maryjoc @np4247 @r705350t @JanM406272 @RichardO928021 @01scott10 @rtremmel @TerriV810673 @MesinaR69130 @2behind @debbiew951658 @SherriE566125 @Unavailable10 @AnneT595984 @MaryB42992 @NeilN843044 @BradleyM112271 @JeffB12987 @KwongH865992 @rcm11030 @adaugherty @rweskes @deekay48 @bobkat0 @jrudolph @hillhi @Kafe1 @amipell @rm228 @as37214081 @as37214081 @mh82377681 @sportyflorida1 @mc58852042 @km65712719 @m694030k @j109721m @v44292k @nadinel789180 @MonaJ465097 @lilibean @peregrino370 @KarenM916637 @GaryT369303 @MargoP661259 @CarolV23746 @JosephW222833 @KotW298248 @CharleneT480982 @RobertM915817 @MaryK20879 @PeggyW212228 @BelindaV125507 @ColleenH5169 @ElizabethD434112 @DavidS833764 @PatriciaK175957 @DeneanS233287 @SusanR340654 @GloriaG88069 @AnnW785326 @SandraM563697 @MariahF327937 @ChristineM813918 @ScottG161122 @CharlesC163566 @JohnS757075 @LaurieT390644 @JasonF926762  for stopping by the AARP Rewards Community!  We are happy you found our forums and hope you will join the other AARP Rewards users in sharing your opinions and tips here!  We rely on our AARP Rewards participants to provide feedback, share great insights and tips with one another!

Let us know if you have any questions – we are here to help!


Teri, AARP Rewards Community Manager

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