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Under the old rewards program, it would show your total entries.  You still  were generally limited to a certain number of entries per day, but the system would track your entries for as long as it was active.  Now, regardless of how many times I have entered, each day it says I have zero entries.  I had thought the system wasn't saving my entries, but Janelle M replied to tell me that the system only shows the current day's entries.

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@jg34206387 Let me help clear this up! You can submit up to 10 sweepstakes entries per day while a sweepstake is live. The counter resets on a daily basis. If you entered 10 times that day, it would say, "You have maxed out with 10 sweepstakes entries today!" When you come back the next day, it will always say, "You currently have 0 entries in this sweepstakes.". To view your total number of sweepstakes entries and points redeemed, log in to AARP Rewards and select Transaction History; choose Redemptions from the drop-down list to view your redemption history. Here is a direct link to view the redemptions in your transaction history:

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