Rewards program,quality of beta version

I use a smartphone to participate in the Rewards program, both for earning and redeeming points. I have been reporting now complaining about serious problems from day one. I t is finally a little faster to advance through the Earnings choices and the Skip Ad usually works but the other dozen major problems have remained unchanged.  There seems to be an obsession with 'monthly' video choices with few daily choices unless you want 10 min on up to 1 1/2 hours. Most of us have a life outside of the Rewards program so don't want to spend half our day trying to earn points. This month there is no 'points only' choices for the first time ever, unless you want the ever popular and highly valued 'test your brain's. I could go on but another day. Input seems to have little improvement...any thoughts?

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It would at least seem that you might not be aware of the filter button on the earn page.  If you click videos, and then earn frequency before apply, its true that the 10 minute vids populate the first nearly 3 pages, but then it's pretty clear short daily videos. 


The problem I run into when I access by cell phone is that after I watch a vid, I go back to the earn page and go through that process I described above and before letting me watch the next video I choose, it makes ne log in again which is a royal pain.  That problem started about 3 weeks back, near the same time the barrage of problems that have hit in abundance.  

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