Rewards issues

Every time I try to redeem a reward now I get a "redemption request undefined" error message. Anyone else experiencing this?



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Responding to you Edward: I found all 5 packages & attempting to Redeem & the circle just spins & spins. I tried to log in with the email Promotion & the technology keeps me from signing in & tellimg me I'm in the right place but they are having problems & to call. Argh! I would appreciate being able to Redeem my Points for the packages I found & I am not able too. can not log in via good ole Google search engines either. Thank you. Stay Healthy!!!

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Good Day All: In a brief note: Uncle: I was able to Order with my AARP Rewards some items I was able to find pre-your 12-25-2022 Birthday. Emails from AARP stated they would be received within 2-3 weeks. I called AARP earlier this week & he does not know if they were sent-was able to obtain Tracking information & according to that; USPS received notice of the items being shipped 13 days after ordering them 12-20-2022. Your Birthday has past, Grandpa's Birthday is in 11 days & perhaps they will get here before mine in less than 100 days. Thank you. Stay Healthy!!!

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