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Purchasing Google play gift card

I just joined AARP and my friend told me I could purchase discount Google play cards, but I can't figure out how to do it. I subscribe to YouTube TV and I can pay monthly with a Google play gift card. 

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If you are a 'paid member of AARP' ( one can join  AARP for free and then there is 'paid/ subscription = Member's Only )...


Click here ---->  AARP Rewards: Explore Ways to Reward Yourself


---> see 'Red Box = Filter By ----- next to it is a 'open search box'


--->  In search box enter/ type ---> "google play"  --- click the search icon 'red magnifying glass'



It's a $15.00 Value Google Play gift card - which you can redeem by 'first' paying for it at a discounted price of $13.00 - saves $2.00. You may purchase up to 5 gift cards per month. Limited time offer while supplies last. Fulfilled as a digital gift code.


You need to read the fine print of where you can use the Google gift card.


Remember, for what I described above - is for 'paid' AARP Members Only; if you are not a paid member look thru the AARP web pages on how to subscribe.


Alternatively, ARRP does offer Google Play gift cards for 'Rewards Points' - the last time I remember is March 2022.


😎  Click here --->  Program Details and Rules, The AARP Rewards Playbook

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