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I believe I won a sweepsteakes but was never notified



I decided to check the winners notification on the website.  It appears that I won a sweepstakes back in September but was never notified.  I hope that this will be honored; the website states you only have 5 days to claim your prize.


Wondering if this has ever happened to anyone else.





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@DonnaD881840 Hi Donna, thanks for reaching out. If you are a winner of a Sweepstakes, you will receive an email with the subject line "Congrats! Complete some next steps to get your prize."  The sender will be; if the steps are not completed within 5 days then the prize is forfeited. I'm always here to help if you need anything!

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Thankfully it worked out for me; as I never did receive an email notification.  I did receive the coupon yesterday for the gift certificate.  Thank you.

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I didn't know this information was available, but I found the links and just checked for my name in both Sweepstakes and Instant Wins. I found a match on the Instant Win list, but I never got a notification. However, the Instant Win list only shows first name and last initial. I have a very unusual first name, so would be surprised if this was someone else, but I guess it is possible. I asked Customer Service about this, but all they could do was check if the win was in my account and they said it wasn't. They couldn't check who actually won this. I remember there were alot of web site issues last year, so I guess if I won and it didn't show up on my account I have lost out.

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Thank you for your response.  I'm not sure why I decided to check the winners on the website but I'm glad I did.  I did receive the gift certificate yesterday.


Best wishes to you!

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As far as the Instant Win, it is Instant, you get the "Lucky You" message right then and there. While the prize email shows up in your email, you would have known if you won before you got any email.


With the sweepstakes, it could be easy to miss a notification email from AARP. I know myself, I don't look at every email I get from AARP.

While I never delete a prize email (that I am aware of) I do sometimes do a bulk delete of AARP Informational and Marketing emails when I am cleaning email up. My email service only keeps trashed emails for 30 days.


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Thank you for responding.  I have won the instant win before so I'm familiar with the "lucky you" message.


I don't believe the email was ever sent to me.  I contacted Hello World via email Sunday night and supplied my personal contact info.  By Monday afternoon I received the gift certificate via email.


Best Wishes to you!

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Wonderful to hear this worked out for you. Maybe we should be thinking of doing a screen cap for winning notices or purchase confirmations, so easy to do these days on practically any device.

We shouldn't have to for certain, but same as about everything else I do, I like a receipt of some kind.


I have read so many complaints about website issues, in general, I have not experienced these myself, not that I am doing any special. Just comparing my experience to the experiences other users have shared.


I have heard people talking about trying different web browsers with some or no success. I wonder if it could be web ssl certificate issues with some browsers or security / privacy software not always authenticating them.

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I'm definitely going to put a follow-up on my Outlook calendar to check around the 15th of each month for winners.


Five 5 days to claim a prize is quite unfair!  What if someone is in the hospital due to illness or an accident?  What if they are traveling and cannot access the internet?


I am very thankful that I was sent the coupon; it will be a big help.  We're all in the same situation with high gas, electric, and food bills.


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Yes, that's how it works when there aren't website issues, but there were plenty of those previously.  When there were website issues, I bought a gift card with points and it said I got it but there would be a delay in updating my points. I waited a day and my points were never updated and I never got an email for the gift card. I talked to customer service and they said the gift card wasn't on my account, and by then it was already sold out, so I never got it even though the website said I did. So I'm just saying that things don't always work right on this rewards program.

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