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Hidden Gift Cards for Points

So, in the last few weeks @KellytheBelly posted about a bunch of new hidden gift cards for points:  Topgolf, Jamba, etc.  @KellytheBelly how did you find out about these?

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Pizzagate - click here ---> Re: LATEST AVAILABLE POINTS ONLY! - Page 5 - AARP Online Community


Started on June 14th when I posted about a Dominos gift card that was not seen in the regular catalog with or without filters. If you start reading the above linked/ thread forward (in time) you will see the progression  of these types of 'hidden gift cards.'


Some folks appreciated this 'exclusive activity' - which gave us more time; others were against it for several reasons; some even reported back to AARP to 'fix/ remove' this activity which has now lasted over a month, even past a 'scheduled maintenance.'  🤔


😎   Before I first posted back on June 14th - I watched for a weeks for stability (if this was a one time glitch) and if the stock was stable. For the past several months the 'scarcity and quality'' of gift cards plus the ''getting sold out so quickly aspect'' left me with less than three redemptions for a few months of late. I redeemed the Dominos gift card and then proceeded to post - once I knew it worked/ verified it was stable.

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Thank you, @OneDayMatisyahu .  So how did you find that first one?   

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