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Bed Bath & Beyond Inc. Files Chapter 11 ๐Ÿ˜ฒ

Important Update from Bed Bath & Beyond Inc.


UPDATE: Gift Cards will be accepted until May 8, 2023. The retailer said in its filing that it expects to close all stores by June 30, 2023.


RE: bed bath & beyondยฎ and buybuy Babyยฎ (received this directly from my inbox today - email dated 4/23/2023)


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I love this store. I've one near me, thus shipping was next to nothing for deliveries. ๐Ÿ˜”


Chapter 11 - Bankruptcy Basics 

Latest update:


Tuesday was the last day Bed Bath & Beyond accepted its iconic blue coupons as store closing sales were slated to start Wednesday.
But at least two retailers -- The Container Store and Big Lots -- are temporarily offering a discount for bringing in the now-expired coupons.
Big Lots announced Thursday that it is taking 20% off customers' entire purchase of $50 or more now through May 7 with an expired Bed Bath & Beyond coupon at its 1,425-plus stores.
The Container Store started accepting Bed Bath & Beyond coupons at its 97 U.S. stores Wednesday in exchange for 20% off a single item through May 31.
Big Lots and The Container Store both have exclusions on the limited-time promotions.

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Posted back in January by @BillD916633 

01-07-2023 03:42 PM

Today there was a piece on CNN reporting on the troubles plaguing

Bed Bath & Beyond. Seems they are experiencing some major difficulties and are facing possible bankruptcy. It was reported their stock had suffered almost a 30% decline and major layoffs were possible.

This retailer has been a major sponsor with the rewards program, offering Instant Win gift cards, points purchase cards, discount cards and is currently in the Sweepstakes lineup.
With a sweepstakes drawing in late February and delivery into March-April 2023  members should keep abreast of and monitor the future condition of this retailer, in the event they intend to redeem any AARP gift cards.

Good Luck

Hope everyone was paying attention  ๐Ÿ™„  ๐Ÿ™„

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4/24/2023 6:08 am CDT


Bed Bath & Beyond has filed for bankruptcy, which means that the chain's ubiquitous 20% off coupons will soon be useless. But, as Business Insider reports, you do have until the end of Tuesday before stores stop accepting them. Starting Wednesday, stores (including the chain's BuyBuy Baby stores) will begin liquidating inventory, meaning "deep discounts" will be offered, the company says. Experts tell CNN the company wouldn't want the coupons to be used on top of the going-out-of-business pricing. Of course, if you want to have the option to return your merchandise, you'll want to buy it before Wednesday, as sales from then on will be final. Pre-liquidation purchases are returnable until May 24.

The so-called "Big Blue" coupons had been a staple of the chain for three decades, and some experts speculated they could actually have contributed to its demise, with customers reluctant to shop at the store without one. 
Lets hope the winner/s of the BBB February AARP Sweepstakes gets their delivery very very soon if not already, Good Luck !! 

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The minute I saw them remodel the stores, reduce the inventory, and reduce the amount of associates in the store, I knew their end was near. We were such regular shoppers at BBB to the point our local Manager would let us use their coupons on merchandise that was excluded. From what I hear, the corporation is SHAFTING all the employees that have been loyal to the end by NOT CONTRIBUTING to their 2022 401-K accounts, PROMISING but NOT HONORING the promise of paying severance pay, and several additional "end of employment" promises not being kept.

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I'm also sorry to see them close.  I thought I remember seeing them in the rewards program in the past.  If so, then anyone who got gift cards through the rewards program should redeem them if they haven't already.

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