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AARP requests personal information unnecessarily?

Hi I went to redeem a small AARP rewards gift card, but found out that I had to take a 3-part lesson on Social Security. The 3rd part was a "calculator" (not nearly as good as on the SS site or other sources), that asked for personal information, such as my wife's date of birth and salary - and she's not even an AARP member! Seems inappropriate to me, the type of thing AARP warns members against - but I guess the rules are different when the information goes to one of AARP's advertisers? (perhaps I could enter fake info, but that's not the point, some people will enter correct sensitive information). And this is just to be allowed to buy a $10 pizza gift card!

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That comment was hilarious, thanks for the laugh...


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The only defense you have online IS to distribute as much phoney info about yourself as possible. I am young, old, black, white, male, female, binary, Asian, Austrian and Klingon. All at the same time.

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