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AARP Rewards Site Grouping

My suggestion is to group the AARP Rewards site more logically.  It appears that the Rewards site is often a "hodge-podge" of often unrelated category offers smattered all over the place the is difficult and / or cumbersome to locate.  You might want to consider a more logical method of grouping your offers.  For example, you could group Rewards offers by broad category or menu, such as, Restaurants, Travel, Packaged Food, Apparel, Gift Cards, Greetings / Holidays / Special Occasions Cards, etc. Currently, the menu of offers is somewhat "willy-nilly" and one has to scroll-and-scroll-and-scroll down the list of offers.  It is not user friendly and can be quite frustrating and bewildering as to what offers are located where.  Moreover, it would be helpful for the user to know when offer are going to expire, or else indicate the quantity of offers, and the quality of the offers available on a near or actual real time which might provide some useful insight to the AARP user about what their sense of urgency might be in accepting specific offers.  You might also want to have a category or drop-down menu that would indicate what offers are located or grouped where, and enable the user to jump to that category or specific offers immediately so as not to have to scroll-and-scroll down each page grouping to locate what might be of interest.  So, that's my "2 cents" (as the ol' expression goes) for might make for a more logical, efficient, beneficial, and rewarding (both literally and figuratively) AARP Web Site user experience.

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Join the class of the many loyal AARP members that have been offering up same as you, their honest suggestions and observations for quite some time to make this program a whole lot more interesting, REWARDING, and much easier to navigate, BUT sadly your comments and suggestions, which by the way is what admin underhandedly promotes so wholeheartedly, continues to fall on deaf ears.

The ridiculous listing and obscene quantity of greeting cards is a perfect example. Where did the idea to include this particular reward spring from, certainly not from the currant members as we are all well aware they can be obtained elsewhere on the internet FOR FREE.

Hello admin, DUH

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